Our Volunteers



Angel helps us at our adoption events and many of our special events. She is always ready with a smile and a hug. We hold a place in our hearts for Angel and the dedication she shows to the animals in our program!

Volunteer Ashley



Ashley is one of our biggest fans and supporters! She keeps an eye on our dogs at adoption events and also keeps an eye on our donations! With Ashley, we are reminded of how special all life is and how everyone can contribute to our cause!

Ashley is very concerned about the animals in our care. At adoption events she reminds us to have fun!


Video Director

Christine directs our TV spots for public access television. She’s doing her best with the resources we’ve supplied to make some great footage of our “HEART to Hearts” program! She is also doing her best to make Heidi and Ellen more professional presenters for the program (a daunting task)!

Volunteer Dan


Volunteer & Foster Home

Dan is a fantastic help to HEART- mostly by tolerating all the fosters in his home! He loves those dogs, even when he’s about to tear his hair out! A man with a big heart! When he can, Dan helps with transport for intake, medical care and adoption events. He also tells potential adopters all there is to know about our dogs!


Volunteer & Foster Home

Ellen is a vital part of HEART! Without her help and support at events, we might all fall apart in despair! Her positive attitude and ability to see the positive in challenging situations helps us all keep a clear head. Ellen also helps coordinate medical appointments and intake for the Raleigh/Cary area.

Sometimes we have dogs that need a bit more coaching on how to behave in our society. To help with her work with dogs, Ellen has attended a few “Feisty Fido” workshops to hone her skills.



Hannah helps us at adoption events and at other special events handling dogs and talking with potential adopters about them. Hannah is a great asset to HEART!



Heidi coordinates the Raleigh/Cary adoption events, monitors email, handles intake, coordinates medical care, and organizes events in the Raleigh/Cary area.



Hilary coordinates the Raleigh/Wake Forest adoption events. She also handles phone calls to HEART, animal intake, medical needs, and organizes events for the Raleigh/Wake Forest area. Most of all, she keeps our money flowing so we can continue to give our animals the best care possible!

Volunteer Jenna



Jenna is a great volunteer! She is one of our puppy guardians at adoption events! She’s very good with the puppies and can tell potential adopters all about them!

Volunteer Jimi


Volunteer & Foster Home

Jimi has a great attitude towards the dogs and takes all of their antics in stride! She’s fostered some of our shyest dogs and helped them build their confidence and self esteem! She’s a great help at adoption events, as well!

Volunteer Joyce


Volunteer & Foster Home

Joyce is an incredible help to HEART and takes an interest in the “special” dogs in our care. She is our first choice for fostering puppies and takes such loving care of everyone!

Joyce has a quiet, but serious nature. She is a true nurturer! When we have a dog that needs that special touch, we try to get the dog to Joyce!

When a dog has shown itself to need a little more attention than most, Joyce has attended “Feisty Fido” workshops to learn more about how to help our troubled friends.


Volunteer & Foster Home


Volunteer & Foster Home

We’ve all learned over the years that Kathy, though quiet, is a big voice for HEART and the cats in our care! Her dedication is outstanding! She is concerned about their welfare and about finding them the very best home possible!

Kathy is also a stalwart of our special events, especially when helping with our volunteer work for an area cat show. She handles herself with professionalism and dedication at all times.

Volunteer Laurel


Volunteer Website Administrator

She is our website guru! Setting us up with a new and improved website, Laurel has helped us stay up-to-date with our online content and teaching us new ways to share our information through the world wide web.



Noah often attends our adoption events and helps potential adopters learn more about our dogs. Some of Noah’s volunteer hours help him meet requirements for his school!


Volunteer & Foster Home

Ruth is a great foster mom who has the patience needed to foster the occasional puppy! She has a calm demeanor that is so needed with fosters! She also helps coordinate one of our other foster homes.

Ruth is always willing to try new approaches and to try new skills. She’s taken a few “Feisty Fido” workshops to learn more about handling some of our more challenging dogs over the years!

Volunteer Sigrid


Volunteer & Foster Home

Without Sigrid’s help, we sometimes think our Cary adoption events would never happen! She gets there early to help set up and comes late to help break down!

She loves our dogs and can talk to anyone about them! She is always poised and professional with everyone!

Sigrid has cats and is able to proof the foster dogs in her home with them, giving us a good idea about how well the dogs will do with cats. They are also a great introduction for our puppies!


Volunteer & Foster Home

Between handling the busy lives of three daughters, Tina somehow finds time to foster puppies and friendly adult dogs for HEART! She gives our puppies the love and care they need while the kids give them the socialization with children that is so important for puppies to have!


Volunteer & Weekend Foster Home

Tonya attends our adoption events and helps with handling the dogs. She’s also happy to give one of our dogs a “weekend away”, when her schedule permits! She particularly loves Chihuahuas!

Volunteer Wayne



Wayne is our workhorse for all of HEART! He handles phone calls, emails for the Raleigh/Wake Forest area, medical supplies, delivery of supplies to foster homes, transport of animals to and from vet appointments, and helps coordinate the Raleigh/Wake Forest adoption events.

Since not all of our dogs have had the best start in life, and some need a great deal of work to become adoptable, Wayne has also attended “Feisty Fido” workshops to build his knowledge of dog behaviors and how to work with the dogs that offer a bit of a challenge!